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Winning Job Interview Skills

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Doing well at a job interview is not as difficult as it seems. Most of the times, you just have to play your cards right. You do not have to speak or write too much during an interview. Be effective in presenting your skills, qualification and competencies. ‘Doing more’ is not the key; ‘Being Impactful’ is more important. Knowing about the company, job requirements and profile beforehand can help you substantially.


You must do your homework to prepare well and base your responses on the requirements of the employer. Show that you are a good fit for the job and that you can easily gel in the employer’s corporate culture. It is important that you comply with the organization’s vision, mission and philosophy. For example, if an organization has a philosophy of ‘customer first!,’ it is not advisable to talk about ‘work-life balance’ during the interview since it will give an indication that you are more focused on personal goals than an organization’s motives.

Begin by Congratulating Yourself

Begin by congratulating yourself and gathering self-confidence such that you can prepare well for the interview. Knowing that your resume has passed the screening stage and a call for interview has been made is good news. Now do your homework and understand the requirements of the job. See how you can present yourself to be most suited for the requirements. Nobody buys what is not sold. Hence, make special efforts to sell your competencies, skills, abilities, experience and qualifications to the employer.

Small Things Make a Big Difference

You must be focused on various little things that lead the way in building a big impression. You might think a nice pair of shoes is less important than your qualifications or skill-set. However, you must realize that everything from your shoes, to your hairstyle, to the clothes you wear or the makeup you carry – make the image of ‘you.’ Focus on every minute aspect. Carry your resume in a professional leather folder. Do not carry a funky pink color phone to interview. Have clothes and accessories that match your business. Your impression matters a lot. Your personality must be magnetic. Carry a polite wide smile that will make you desirable to your employer. Organizations love to hire people with a positive outlook towards life. Do not crib about your life or past. Never complain about your previous boss or employer. Arrive before time and maintain a two-way communication with your employer.

Investigate About the Employer

It is extremely important to research about the vision, mission and growth pattern of the employer. You must know the management board and key people in the company. Know who are the key decision makers and honorable clients. Show your interest in an employer’s business by suggesting solutions to an employer’s existing problems. The interviewer will appreciate if you ask meaningful questions that invoke healthy discussions. Candidates who treat interviews like a high school examination are not appreciated. Hence, behave like a mature professional who understands problems and can drive crucial projects or initiatives. You can demonstrate your capabilities by suggesting advertising strategies, highlighting online social media marketing campaigns, and suggesting how the firm can change its investment policies to make better profits during the global economic slump. Say that you are willing to go out of the way to understand any employer’s concerns and work towards solving them. These strategies will make you directly linked to an employer’s interest and get you your dream job.

Prepare! Practice! Present!

Most of the interviews include standard questions such as ‘Describe your profile with the previous employer,’ ‘Tell us more about yourself,’ ‘What value can you bring to us?,’ ‘Why should we hire you?,’ ‘Why were you fired from previous job?,’ ‘What are your salary expectations?,’ etc. It is a good idea to prepare answers to these questions beforehand and practice well. To be sure of your expressions, you can practice the responses to these questions in front of the mirror. This way, you will not be thinking and speaking in front of the interviewer. Instead, since you already know the answer, and you will be smiling and talking while responding to these questions. If you are appearing for a technical interview, be sure of the standard technology- or concept-based questions that may be asked. Thus, brush up on your concepts and prepare well.

It is a good idea to ignite questions with your responses. This will give you better clarity about the job requirements. Thus, if the interviewer asks you if you are open to travel, say yes and attach a question with it – ‘How much travel do you expect me to take up every month?’ This will keep the conversation two-way and provide you with more clarity about exact job requirements.

Make No Mistakes

There are some common mistakes that most job seekers make. However, by being careful, you can avoid them.
• You must not carry yourself in inappropriate clothes, accessories or makeup, show too much skin or wear the shoes that you are not comfortable in.
• Do not show up unprepared. It is important to practice answers to standard questions, know the technology or management skills that you claim in your resume, and be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.
• Do not treat an interview like an examination and keep a one-way communication. Ask intelligent and analytical questions related to the job profile instead.
• Do not show up without reading about your employer. You must refer to press releases, media coverage, introductory videos, websites, etc. related to the company so that it appears that you are really interested in the job.
• Be thoughtful and make no slip-of-the-tongue mistakes. You must not speak too much that you end up speaking things that you do not mean to. You should not say embarrassing things to the interviewer or look at other body parts than the face. Maintain eye contact and smile politely.
• Do not leave your phone’s ringing tone on. It is extremely annoying if your phone rings during an interview. Never look at the wall clock as it gives an indication that you wish for the interview to get over soon.
• Never discuss salary or perks during the interview. Focus on demonstrating your skills and capabilities. Salary discussions can wait until the employer makes a job offer.

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