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How to Switch Your Job in Dubai

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Job search in UAE can be a challenge if you are an expatriate looking for a change of job. Apart from the trending process of exit interviews, the stringent work rules of Dubai allow you to change your job only on completion of at least two years with your present employer. But on the positive side, now there is no need to present a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for job change. The following article will discuss about all the necessary insights you will need for switching jobs in Dubai.  

UAE Ministry of Labor’s latest regulation has banished the need for NOC from your existing employer. Previously, the formalities for a resignation or end of contract included an NOC from the sponsoring organization. Nor with the latest regulation, the sponsors cannot compel professionals to work for them and employees can shift jobs if they want to.

But they must contemplate the move only after completing two years of service to a company and will need to conclude the work relationship with their present employer on good terms. The time frame of two years is a must for all and is irrespective of whether you are in a limited or an unlimited contract. As for the repercussions, if you are bound by a limited contract and have not abided by the agreed terms, the organization holds the right to levy a one-year ban on you.

The Case Scenarios

The following are the situations where work permit can be obtained by an employee even before completing two years with a company –

– If the new work position falls under the 1st, 2nd or 3rd category of professions defined by DNRD, with remuneration more than Dirham 12,000, Dirham 7000 and Dirham 5000 in the three categories, respectively.

– The labor contract is dismissed due to the company’s violation of legal and labor obligations towards the employee or if the employee does not play a role in the cessation of the work relationship.

– If the employee is transferred to another company, in which, the employer has a share or own the company.

– If employees wish to change their line of work from private to the government or semi-government sector.

Now, there is flexibility for a worker with a terminated job contract and he/she can attain a new work permit and move to another entity without having to face a six-month ban for not having presented the NOC. These changes were brought in by the UAE Labor Ministry to bring flexibility to the labor market.

Guidelines for Family Visas While Switching Jobs

As an expat switching jobs, you do not need to cancel visas of your family members who are presently under your sponsorship. But you will have to deposit a bank guarantee of Dirham 5000 for every family member. This amount will have to be deposited to the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD).

You can reclaim the guarantee money when you get a new residency permit. The residence visas of the family will be directly transferred to you, without any extra charges.

The documents to be submitted to DNRD for sponsorship transfer of family members are as follows:

– An application to DNRD requesting for non-cancellation of family members’ visas (those under employee’s sponsorship)

– A bank guarantee of Dirham 5000

– A new Employment Permit to the new sponsor by Labor Ministry

– The letter of job offer from the new employer

These measures have been taken by the DNRD to streamline processes for expat dwellers and ease the process of job search in UAE for them, without burdening them with more financial constraints.

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