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Jobs for Creative Minds

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Creative minds think in a different manner and that is why their depiction is also different. Earlier, the career avenues for creative minds were very limited. They were painters, poets or theatre artists with a limited scope to portray their talent. However, over the years, the career options for creative people have broadened immensely. From theatre to corporate offices, you can find such minds working to create a difference.

In the last few years, Graphic Designing and Writing have emerged as two promising fields which provide them the opportunity to unleash their creativity.

Graphic Designing
Graphic designing is one of the hottest career options in India that covers all ends of a creative spectrum. It involves art, computers and problem solving by planning, analyzing and creating visual solutions to communication problems. India is catching up with the latest technologies and is flooded with jobs for graphic designers.

The job of a graphic designer is to find the most effective way of sending across the messages in print and electronic media by using various print and layout techniques. They may develop the layout and production design for magazines, newspapers, corporate reports, journals and other publications. Their work also involves designing logos, producing promotional displays, packaging and marketing brochures and developing environmental graphics for products and businesses. They also develop material for Internet web pages, interactive media and multimedia projects and produce the credits that appear before and after television programs and movies.

Graphic designers are considered as visual problem solving specialists who aim to create an effective design that is pleasing and attractive for the viewer. The job profile and work environment may vary highly depending on the industry and company that they work with. The remuneration in the field is quite good as the scope and demand for graphic designers is growing with time. Jobs for graphic designers are available across industry verticals such as electronic media, packaging firms, film and animation, advertising agencies, marketing firms, design studios, educational institutes, printers and typesetters, exhibits and displays, audio-visual media, publishers, manufacturers and department stores etc.

Writing has become an extremely vast field and offers diverse areas of expertise to individuals with a flair for writing. With such tremendous internet penetration, it has become an important source of catching attention and making people aware of products and services, asking for help in social causes, updating and inviting them for events and many other purposes.

A writer is required to communicate the message effectively across the audience in an eloquent manner so as to establish strong business associations and credibility of the company. The demand for writers has been increasing in all kinds of industries in India creating large number of jobs in writing.

Various kinds of jobs in writing are:

  • Writing Blogs
    Blogging is the most widespread phenomenon of writing today. Bloggers are now counted among the most respected and have been gaining popularity at the speed of light. Companies are seeking bloggers who can write well and keep customers updated. This has resulted in high demand for quality blog writers.
  • Copywriting
    Copywriters are the need of every business as they are the ones who come up with ideas that define and promote brands in a favorable way. Creativity to the core is the only demand of this profession. The demand for copywriters will always remain high as they help customers associate with brands and build immense brand value.
  • Technical Writing
    Technical Writers are among the highly demanded writers and their need is mainly generated by software companies who wish to give out some technical details. Web content writing and article writing can also be done by technical writers as it involves expressing content on the web or in an article form that can give detailed descriptions of some technical processes or procedures. This job includes writing user manuals, white papers, charts, product specifications, flow equipment or material lists, functional requirements, descriptions, etc.
  • Business Writing
    The writing of Press releases, newsletters, business proposals, guides and manuals, etc. is all part of business writings. Press release writing is the announcement of new products, services, features or achievements of a company. Newsletter writers promote services and provide user guidance while connecting with them. Jobs in newsletter writing include giving information on products, services, users, employees, achievements, surveys, results, events etc.

Writer jobs in India are burgeoning. So, if you have it in you to be a writer, you have a wide array of options to choose from.

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