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Dressing well for your Interview

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Your first assignment before you interview for any job should be ‘perfect grooming’! Clothes might not say everything about you but they sure play a big part in making your perfect first impression! Whether you’re a young whippersnapper heading for your first interview or a seasoned pro, read on to know all important tips for looking sharp and giving off a great first impression.

Keep Things Subtle and Stylish

When you appear for an interview, you should dress in a manner that shows that you have put in a lot of effort to dress well and appropriate for the occasion. Don’t wear anything too distracting and avoid casual or flashy clothes. Infact, your ensemble should show how focused, resolute and grounded you are when it comes to a job.

Guys can have it easy –almost fail proof!

A white shirt or a light blue one should be a good idea to start with. Abstain from wearing bold colours as they look quite garish and brash. A smart light-coloured shirt with a matching tie can be the perfect choice. Also while making your choices try and keep them conservative! The interviewer should hire you for the job because of your qualities and not because you can dress yourself straight out of the pages of a men’s fashion magazine!

Women should remember that an Interview means business!

There are some fashion no –no’s that should always be followed. Refrain from showing too much skin. Avoid wearing sleeveless tops or dresses. Remember to show an element of your personal style. The trick is to tone down and not hold back! Stick to classic clothing, like a white button down shirt and a simple skirt or pants. In terms of Indian attire, a crisp cotton sari or a salwar kameez can also be good choices.

Do your homework right

All people should follow a basic check list when preparing an interview outfit. Knowing about the company’s culture can be a good idea to start with. Find out how people in the position you’re applying for dress at that company. It’s also perfectly ok to ask the hiring manager about the dress code of the company.

A Polished Look Matters

Try and avoid looking dowdy! Make sure your attire is well fitted and pressed. Adding a dash of color to your outfit like a scarf can help you appear cheerful and optimistic to your prospective employer. Also keep your makeup negligible and your hair in a way that is suitable for the occasion. No matter how you normally comb your hair, any extreme or trendy hair style is major faux pas for any job interview. Again, conservative is the key word here.

Remember, an interview is the perfect time to showcase personality to your interviewers. Let your clothes be an accessory to elevate your standing above your competitors’. As always, style rules are written in pencil, not ink. Play around with it, be bold, show your individuality, and discover your own style.

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