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What is in-demand in UAE job market in 2015?

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The UAE job market is certainly experiencing a better time than many others worldwide. Demand for talented professionals is consistent and rising with improved economy prospects for the year 2015. The government is also doing its best to attract new talent from foreign shores while simultaneously creating more opportunities for the local population. In addition, the government is giving assurance that the atmosphere here is safer and secure than its perceived. Contracts are being examined to make sure that expatriates are well looked after and do not face any kind of adversity during their stay in UAE. Previously, there were some instances reported where the employees were not treated well at their work place. Such reports definitely have a deterring effect on the intentions of prospective employees regarding their stay in the emirates.

Hiring on the rise across all sectors

A study done by a local recruitment agency reveals that around 35 percent of the companies will be definitely hiring new talent in the first quarter of 2015. 22 percent of the companies were still in the introspection mode and will probably hire new candidates in the same period. If we talk about the complete year ahead, 67 percent of companies will hire in 2015. Majority of the jobs in Middle East are found in the gulf countries. Similarly a large share of jobs in gulf is located in UAE and Dubai to be specific.  Moreover, the survey revealed that 38 percent of the respondents UAE is the most attractive working destination in the Middle East.

Construction sector set to lead the revival

The coming year is going to witness the revival of construction sector in Dubai. The city which is always under the spotlight owing to its huge cultural and shopping extravaganzas has certainly seen the best and worst of times.  From being the cynosure of eyes world’s major real estate investors, the city found itself amidst the worst financial and real estate crisis in 2008 and 2009. Caught unguarded, the sector plunged to great depths affecting investors, buyers and people employed in it.

However, slowly but steadily the sector is going from strength to strength. Tourism, which contributes a lot to the local economy, is also on the rise as is accentuated by the increased footfalls on the international airport and increased occupancy at all the five star hotels. This effectively means that hospitality as an industry is also going to increase in stature and growth, giving more employment opportunities to the Emiratis (the local population).

BFSI, Oil & Gas sectors assert their presence

Other sectors that will carry out new recruitment include banking and finance, oil gas and petrochemicals. Most in demand job profile is that of an engineer, which obviously will find their place in either oil industry or with a construction company. Recruitment of engineers will be followed by business management and finance graduates who will fulfill the increased requirement of banking and finance sector. In the wake of growing globalization and blurred boundaries between different world economies, the companies are laying special emphasis on fluid communication skills, with knowledge of an additional foreign language being an added advantage. Further, skills like team management and ability to think heads-on will definitely give a benefit over the competition to the bearer.

Multinationals making Gulf their second home

Multinational companies having their operating offices in UAE will be the ones driving the momentum of recruitment. These companies will be the biggest employer followed by the local construction, tourism & hospitality industry. The job prospects for local population will be better than usual and Emiratis having good English skills along with educational qualifications in business management, commerce and engineering can expect to have bright future prospect.What is in-demand in UAE job market in 2015?, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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