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A Day In The Life Of: An Electrical Engineer

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7:30 AM: I’m already at my desk. I like to come in early in order to avoid rush hours. I always take the time to check my emails first thing in the morning and then track any new updates that could have been received regarding projects I am currently handling.

8:00 AM: I grab my cup of tea and check my to-do list for the day (I have those set on weekly basis- they make my life much easier); I add new tasks to be taken care of during the day then check the progression of my project and make sure I still have time before the final deadline. Time management is a must in my field of work!

8:30 AM: I follow-up with the draftsman regarding the draft of the project’s first phase. This project that I have been assigned to is quite interesting: it entails the application of electrical circuits in a large university complex and medical center that are soon to be launched in Dubai.

9:30 AM: I meet with the team leader so we can assess the progress on the project and then implement any necessary changes.

10:30 AM: Our meeting gets interrupted by the group leader: I can smell a change in plans in the air. The client is calling for an urgent meeting! Quick glance on my e-mails and then off I go.

12:30 PM: Meeting is over and decision is final. My client is requesting “MAJOR” changes to the project (which by the way I have been overburdening myself with for a fortnight). I can’t get him to change his mind and on my way back to the office I speculate how the draftsmen, architects and designers in charge will react. When I am back at my desk I call the draftsman and my colleagues in the architecture, interior design and graphic design departments to let them know the not so very “cheerful” news.

1:00 PM: Thank God for lunch breaks: I really need to cool down a bit. A super long walk is what I need to vent a little.

2:00 PM: Back in the office! I check my emails and voice mails and respond to all queries .I send an email to the architecture team leader urging him to send us their first draft for an urgent project proposal in KSA. They have been working on their part for almost a week now and time is pressing! Deadline is tight as usual. Meanwhile I finish pending tasks.

3:30 PM: Draft is here. I start working on my part and this task will take me at least 2 hours.

6:00 PM: Proposal reviewed, completed and now sent to my team leader. I go over my e-mails one last time before heading out.

7:30 PM: I can’t believe it took me an hour and a half to get home! Talk about rush hours… I grab a frozen diet coke and sit back for a bit before heading to the shower and getting dressed again. Tonight is going to be a long night, but thank God for the weekend!

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