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Best Paying Jobs in Dubai

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If you are seeking to find work in Dubai, the following is a list of the five most highly paying jobs in Dubai, along with their description and remuneration –

1. Stock Market Traders or Dealers – A Stock Market Trader or Dealer working with a wealth management group or private banking entity with more than 10 years of experience will be highly respected and offered as much as AED 110,000 a month, which makes it AED 1,320,000 per annum! The key duties of this professional include   buying and selling of shares, debentures and bonds on behalf of investors. They make good use of their experience to assess shares on the basis of information they dig up. Then, they opt for investments with the maximum profit scope based on their clients’ risk-taking ability.

2. Investment Adviser/Consultant – An Investment Consultant or Adviser works for a private banking or wealth management company and can expect to receive about AED 100,000 a month, which amounts to AED 1.2 million a year.The set of responsibilities may include offshore banking, pension advice, investment advice, health insurance, saving accounts, mortgages, and wealth management and employee benefits.

3. PR Managing Director – A PR Managing Director of a PR company may earn between AED 85,000 and AED 100,000 a month or AED 1,020,000-1.2 million per annum. His main responsibility is to determine client groups and create effective communication strategies like writing press releases, building a positive image of the brand or company, and managing special events.

4. Engineering Managing Director – An Engineering Managing Director serving in a multinational engineering company can get up to AED 95,000 a month or AED 1,140,000 a year. The role would require you to consult management, production and marketing staff to take stock of the specifications and procedures for projects. These professionals also manage ventures, assess technology, analyze designs, and hire employees apart from planning, installing, testing, operating, maintaining and repairing facilities and equipment.

5. Investment Analyst – An Investment Analyst working for wealth management and private banking organizations are likely to earn nearly AED 85,000 a month or AED 1,020,000 per annum. All you have to do is offer investment ideas and research information to fund managers. The opportunities provided by you will help the fund manager make the best decision for the investment portfolio he manages.

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