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Avoid Job Interview Goof-ups

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We all have heard stories of candidates who look great on paper but are absolute disasters in person. With interview opportunities becoming more and more rare in the competitive market, it becomes absolutely essential to make the best possible first impression. Interviews are among the most challenging and important hiring tools that are used by employers to hire suitable candidates for their organizations. Despite taking great care while preparing for the interviews, candidates sometimes create an embarrassing situation for them and land in a soup.

Make sure you avoid the following interview bloopers to help your chances of getting hired:


Arriving late for the interview can be interpreted as a relaxed attitude by most hiring managers. Tardiness during interviews could signal that you are not seriously considering the job. You should arrive at least 15 minutes in advance for your appointment.

Speaking Incoherently

The sheer nervousness and stress of an interview can propel most candidates to start rambling or speaking incoherently. However, this situation can be avoided if you stay calm and composed. You can handle such situations smartly by giving short and succinct answers. You can even take guidance from professionals who can make you practice on how stay focused on the relevant points.

Discussing Strengths and Weaknesses at Length

The question related to your strengths and weaknesses is invariably asked in almost all job interviews. This is the perfect way for the interviewers to know more about the you. They look for honesty and are ready to consider candidates who are honest about their weaknesses. Don’t start bragging and try to be honest about your accomplishments. The best course of action is to speak about only some of your weaknesses which are not too glaring in light of your future job in the company.

Sounding Arrogant

Overselling yourself and sounding arrogant can sometimes prove to be negative for your job. If the interviewer senses this, it may hamper your chances of getting the job. You should come across as someone who is not only skilled and experienced but also is open to learning more and imbibing new skills.

No Preparation

Not being prepared for an interview is like not warming up before a big race. You should always research the company online and check for any notable news. Try  to demonstrate your knowledge and interest in the company to set yourself apart from other candidates. Always anticipate questions and prepare for effective answers.

Untidy Appearance

First impressions are often everlasting so one should try and make the most of it. You should avoid wearing wrinkled or flashy clothes. Wear something that is elegant and spells class. Men should opt for something conservative like a navy blue or black suit, a white shirt and black well-polished shoes. Women should go for either a sari or a skirt suit and should avoid wearing any accessories that may cause distraction.

Not Enough or Too much Eye Contact

Either of the two situations can cause a negative effect. You can seem shifty or disinterested if you avoid eye contact and you can also wear the interviewer out with too much of it. In case you have trouble with eye contact balance, you can have a practice session with a friend well ahead of time to work on this.


Always remember, just as a strong resume wins you an opportunity to an interview similarly perfect interview skills can get you the job you are vying for. Start your job search with a resume that creates an arresting first impression and back those facts with your extraordinary interview skills. Avoid the above-mentioned interview gaffes and make sure no one talks about you as the candidate who ‘almost’ got the job.

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