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Workplace Issues for Freshers

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No business atmosphere, no matter how optimistic, can escape the irregular bouts of negativity. Whether it’s employees expressing disparity about a recent policy, or an intern whining about the absence of good coffee, or a faction of co-workers frustrated with the newest boss, negativity can affect employees —and most essentially, their productivity at work almost anywhere.

Even under the best of conditions, work can get extremely taxing! Trying to reach office on time, meeting deadlines, handling important issues at work can often lead to frustration and can make you want to pull your hair. And once negativity penetrates the workplace, it can cost you plenty — in missed opportunities, lowered spirits and diminished productivity. But surprisingly, negativity looming at workplace is more widespread than you think! It’s like the common cold, beginning with one person, but soon having everybody reeling from the after effects. But unlike the common cold, there’s a definitely a cure!

So here are some tips for conquering workplace negativity and preventing it from occurring in the first place:
To start with, do some introspection and assess your own behaviour! How much are you adding to the problem? Scrutinize your role in it and once you establish that, it might be simple to either tweak your own approach or have a more positive one. To handle negativity you also need great listening skills, open communication and the aptitude to focus more on the solutions than the problems. Only then can you renew enthusiasm and replace it with the negativity holding your organisation.
Fact first! Not every member of your team or organization will be 100% happy all the time. Negativity habitually attacks your workplace due to resentment, uncertainty or even boredom and can increase like wildfire and attack your spirits and aptitude to perform. Detecting possible problems and nipping them in the bud is the key to defusing damaging situations and stop them from becoming bigger problems.

To start with, can you take charge and do all of this?
• Stop and not be a part of office gossip and rumour mills
• Motivate those who lack enthusiasm at work
• Spot the early signs that foretell momentous problems
• Listen and communicate in a non-accusing way
• Figure out if a crisis is a one-time incident or a constant, disrupting behaviour
• Fight for solutions and lay less stress on the problems
• Counsel co-workers through the momentary bumpy spots
• Stay optimistic and in control when others cannot

Ways to create further success:

Convert obstacles into Opportunities:

Think of negative attitudes and behaviours as opportunities for development. And instead of dreading them, you can sustain your own positive outlook by controlling your reactions. Usually negativity begins with depressing self-talk—the looped messages that play in your heads over and over again to darken your outlook and wear down your confidence.

Restore Negative Self-Talk with its Positive equivalent

Negative feelings breed self-doubt and disappointments. So try thinking positive, for positive results and actions.

Build trustworthy relationships:

Build relationships through positive approach and enthusiasm. Negativity makes it difficult to trust people; without which you cannot influence positive changes.

Win People with your Thinking:

Working together can often lead to arguments! But if handled rightly, disagreements and discussions are opportunities for positive changes. When differences arise, respect the opinions of others and never tell them they are wrong out rightly. Try and see things from their point of view.

Differ Agreeably

The important question that all of us face is, “How do we agree to disagree and still have our opinions heard?” For that, keep the line of communication open and try seeing things from the other person’s perspective. Think about how and why they think the way they do.

It’s extremely important for both you and your organisation, that there is no negativity in your workplace. After all, our job is a huge part of our lives and if yours makes you miserable, chances are that the dissatisfaction will spill into the other parts of your life as well.

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