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Top qualities of a great employee! Do you have it in you?

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With changing workplaces, ever mounting deadlines and lessening resources, sometimes it gets challenging to be a good employee, much less a perfect one!

Great employees are hard to come by! They are dependable, responsible, proactive, meticulous, great leaders and great followers. They have a broad range of easy to define but difficult to find qualities. No matter what profession, position or field, great employees are forever in demand; not just for their skills but also for the solid records of fundamental yet vital hallmarks that they build that differentiates them from the others.

The fact is-some individuals are born-leaders and are not scared to put themselves out there. You can identify them instantly. They possess absolute natural talent, have the innate ability to perform well pretty much naturally and watching them work is intriguing, to say the least! And there are some people who might not have tons of natural talent but compensate for this through determination, hard work and consistency. The point is that great employees embody certain qualities that make them ‘great’. Qualities that make them absolutely indispensable and valuable assets for their organizations! But what exactly are these characteristics of a great employee which makes them so priceless to these organizations?

Based on our research, here are the top qualities that define a great employee and makes them extremely desirable :

Respect time:

This action is basic yet powerful! When you arrive a little early to give yourself time and settle in, you show initiative and drive. This way you can do your morning ritual and get ready to work when the clock strikes 9.

Treat co-workers with respect:

Great employees send out positive vibes and people simply love working with them. They have a great outlook and are complete professionals who are friendly and a delight to work with. They are social individuals who put everyone at ease. Having a great rapport with your co-workers is a significant trait of a perfect employee. You can show respect to your co-workers in several ways from wishing a polite ‘good morning’ to valuing their inputs.

Do their jobs extremely well :

This is like stating the obvious! Doing your job well is one of the most significant signs of being a great employee. Having extensive understanding of your industry and knowing the existing and upcoming trends that will affect your company is a trait that employers constantly cherish. Good employees also go that extra mile to adopt new techniques and solutions through knowledge collected at workshops and seminars. They always look for opportunities to discover new things, even while keeping up with the everyday tasks. It’s a challenge, but that is what differentiates them from the others. They take pride in their work and deliver results to feel respected and appreciated. Most of all, they are passionate about their work and endorse what the company stands for.

Have the ability to handle pressure and tough situations :

Another key attribute of a great employee is their ability to work under pressure. They simply have this uncanny ability to soak up the pressure and bring out the best; which a lot of times becomes their moment to shine and show what they’re actually made of!

Exude natural leadership! :

Great employees might or might not have many of the qualities listed above, but if there’s one attribute that they do possess is natural leadership! They have a problem-solving streak in them that allows them to naturally take charge of something, even though they don’t have the final say. They are magnetic and confident that way!

Are slightly eccentric:

Often, great employees are a little different! Quirky, at times cheeky, even thrilled to be a little different. They appear slightly peculiar, but in an actually good way. Their bizarre personalities shake up things and make work more enjoyable. People who aren’t scared to be different obviously extend boundaries and defy the status quo, and often come up with the best ideas.

Are rarely satisfied:

Great employees are hardly ever satisfied; by that we mean in a good way and are always tinkering with things: Changing timelines, adjusting processes, fine-tuning a workflow. Good employees follow procedures; great employees make them even better, not because they are expected to… but because they just can’t help it.

Have Integrity:

Great employees have strong ethics. Empathy, honesty, and respect for others make them role models. They play by the rules and help others do the same.

Take onus for a mistake:

It’s extremely refreshing when somebody takes onus for a mistake and tries to fix it! Unfortunately, most people in workplaces prefer passing blames along or lying low. Of course, you wouldn’t want to make mistakes ideally, that you’ll need to own up, but you can definitely win brownie points by taking accountability and trying to amend the situation.

Dress the part:

Great employees put a lot of attention and thought into their workplace dressing. When you dress professionally, you are telling others that you are meticulous, capable, and making an effort to look the part.

Are positive:

There is nothing worse than an employee who constantly whines and is negative. It’s natural that some things will bog you down, but it depends how you handle it. Great employees are positive, focus on the brighter side of things and have a good sense of humour. All of this is really important and can lighten up the day during tough times. Work shouldn’t always feel like work. Laughter can sometimes take the “work” out of work.

These are just some of the qualities that describe a great employee! In reality, it’s the employee who brings these characteristics to life or snuffs them out.

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