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Tips to increase your visibility at work!

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Why is it that sometimes inspite of working extremely hard at work, putting in long hours and contributing immensely to the team to achieve astonishing results, you still feel invisible at work?

Well…If your talent and creativity at work have gone unnoticed and those of others been rewarded then probably you haven’t mastered the great art of increasing your visibility at the work. This doesn’t mean that you start promoting yourself, which would only make you unpopular. But if you want to be less of a passenger and climb into the limelight here are few tips to put you on the right track.

Step up and stand out:

Sometimes, we get in the way of our own careers without even knowing it. We stay silent in meetings; don’t let anyone know about the work we do and then secretly hope and wait that somebody notices us so that accolades come our way. The truth is that just being an expert at what you do is not sufficient. Leadership is not just about how technically skilled you are. It’s also about being known for all the right reasons and building relationships along the way.

Make your work speak for itself:

Obviously, average results will never get you noticed! So be prepared to take on assignments that demonstrate your skills and your enthusiasm to grow. Just being a face in the crowd won’t impress anyone. Be seen as someone with innovative ideas that not only make you but also your entire team look good. Become a problem solver, stretch your limits and take more responsibilities. This doesn’t mean that you to overburden yourself! But if you come across a new role or project that might help you multiply your skills, take full advantage. Do this particularly if it’s gives you more visibility within the organization or has a substantial impact on the bottom line.

Get out of the shadows:

A lot of times, whether deliberately or accidentally, your colleagues or manager present your ideas as their own. However, if you want to get seen, you must get credit for your work. Often, your boss or a colleague “borrows” concepts and ideas from numerous people, not just one. Whatever be the case, if anyone takes credit for your work, then document it every time it happens. If they claim your ideas as their own in meetings, gently but confidently correct the misstatement.

Wear the right attitude:

Each day we get to pick the attitude we carry to work. We all love working with people who exude positivity and dislike people who are negative and indulge in meaningless gossip. So make sure you put an effort in building your brand so that you are known for the qualities that are truly ‘you’ and that assist you with your career advancement. Your leadership brand is your individuality, your reputation and how people around you actually see you. It is what comes to their mind immediately whenever your name is brought up. So try to be someone who others love to work with and in the course your reputation as a valuable employee will also grow.

Discover your niche:

What is your true calling? Find out what you are really good at and make yourself the expert on that subject. Become the “go to” person for that precise thing in your organization.

Stay updated:

Read industry related reports, magazines and publications and be abreast of the latest market trends. Know what your company competitors are up to. Read the right blogs, do market research and find out gaps that could be filled. Maybe when an opinion is asked, you might be the person ready with the answer.

The bottom line is – Be at the forefront and create your own prospects to shine. “Toot” your own horn in a way that accentuates your significance without being arrogant. Lastly, believe in yourself and know that you are worthy of being noticed.

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