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Telltale Signs – Time to Switch Jobs

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If you’ve been in the same role for quite a few years, you might have often introspected whether you are actually hindering or helping your career by staying in the same position. There are no magic numbers when it comes to how long you should stick to a job but surely there are factors that make you want to stay or leave. You don’t really want to be identified as a quitter! But sticking onto something that hinders your growth both professionally and personally could be quite fatal and shoddier than leaving!
Bidding adieu to your current company is never an easy task but neither is starting a new job! So how do you know that you have reached a point of no return and that it’s time to make an exit?
Just read on to know indicators that suggest you’ve reached a dead end:

When Boredom starts to seep in

When the minutes start feeling like hours, it’s time for you to move on! Initially, the feeling might just seem harmless but sustained periods of boredom can lead to a plethora of issues like anxiety and depression. Boredom often leads to burnouts and is a good indicator that you are not feeling challenged enough! So, if you think you have outgrown your job you know it’s time to quit!

Leave a company that doesn’t measure up

Keep a tab on your company’s positioning and assets; the strategic importance of the team you work in; and the internal standing of your boss. Is your business able to pay the salaries and the rents on time? Is your company or product stable enough to face future challenges? Is your boss helping you grow? Ask questions like these and evaluate your company and management, just like they assess you in an annual review. Quit a company that doesn’t measure up.

No room to grow

We all have bad days or bad weeks but what if those week turns into months? People who are successful are always hungry for challenges and are incessant learners. But if your role is stagnating, doesn’t challenge you enough, gives you no opportunity to grow and stretch your skill sets, then maybe it’s time to make a move.

If you are at loggerheads with your Boss

A lot of altercations can be resolved, but if, for whatever reasons, your relationship with your boss or coworkers has been irrevocably damaged, then maybe it’s time to bail. If your boss has become impatient or has started assigning projects you used to run to other team members, then it’s time to ask yourself whether you have become complacent about work or whether your efficiency has slipped. Take a call & don’t ignore early signs of caution that you are in the dog house. Make a move before your worst fears come true!

You are not getting a salary your worth

Being paid less can be very infuriating if you happen to find out that one of your lesser experienced or qualified colleagues is being paid more! For most people being paid for what they are actually worth is an essential aspect of feeling valued. So if you are not getting your worth and are unable to bargain an enhancement – it may be time to find a role that rewards you for your talent.

There is always a time in your career when a new opportunity knocks at your door. At this point, weigh the pros and cons and if the new job comes out on top, don’t be afraid to make the switch. Take out time to choose carefully and make a sound decision, which benefits you both personally and financially. If you feel that you are in a rut, don’t give up. Stay positive and explore opportunities. It’s just a matter of finding the right job that will take your talents and skills to the fullest.


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