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Top Tips to Control Your Work E-mails

key guidelines to stay on top of your e-mails at work and get the best results out of them. E-mail has become an indispensable tool for building up one’s work efficiency [...]

Salary Negotiations: the Basics

Negotiate Yes, do negotiate. Employers actually EXPECT you to negotiate your package even when they pretend they don’t so don’t deprive them, or yourself, of that [...]

Difficult Co-Worker? Deal with it

We are surrounded by diverse types of people in all facets of our lives, the workplace is naturally no exception. Some co-workers can be agreeable, cooperative and responsive [...]

Job Interview Tips

Get Advice and Insight from Waggener Edstrom’s Staffing Partner   Like many career advice experts, Steve Fogarty, staffing partner at Waggener Edstrom, says [...]

How to Switch Your Job in Dubai

Job search in UAE can be a challenge if you are an expatriate looking for a change of job. Apart from the trending process of exit interviews, the stringent work rules of [...]

What Not to Write in Your Resume

Are you planning to apply for jobs in the Gulf Countries? Great idea! the Middle Eastern countries do pay well and the best part is a large percentage of the workforce [...]