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How to sell yourself well in an Interview

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To sell is human! Whether you’re selling a product or yourself, it’s all the same fundamental rule: to make it sound as good as possible. Interviews are like a high-pressure sales call. And the product? You — or, more precisely, the experience and skills you can bring to the table. A lot of career experts say that interviews are a “conversation” between you and the recruiter. We say, a great interview is like a sales pitch! It might be smartly camouflaged as a discussion, but your aim is to persuade the interviewer that you’re the perfect person for the job. The more effectively you do it, the more are your chances of getting hired. It’s that simple and that complex!

You can’t always read a recruiter’s mind or foresee what strategies will work best in an interview. But what you can do is effectively communicate what all you bring to the job that nobody else can!

Here are few tricks to help you seal the deal:

Be confident NOT aggressive:

A lot of people think that the perfect way to sell yourself in an interview is to ‘brag’, about your skill sets and accomplishments. But this approach can often backfire! Selling is art which needs to be conquered and mastered. Like countless similar instances in life, it is sensible to strike the perfect balance between the two schools of thoughts. Neither brag nor stay passive. Take the lead of the discussion but only at the right moments –Confidently talk about your significant skill sets and accomplishments that you have conquered. Don’t sell features, sell benefits! Expand on how your experience and learning will benefit the employer if they hire you.

Become the Solution:

Companies hire because they have issues in their businesses. And your job is to find solutions to those problems- if and when hired. A job description will typically specify what the responsibilities are and what you’ll be accountable for. Grab this opportunity to brainstorm resolutions to some of the glitches. This will tell the recruiters that you can effectively solve problems, an extremely desirable attribute most employers look for in their employees.

Connect non-verbally:

Non-verbal communication is very critical during interviews. How you connect via body language is just as important as what you say—sometimes even more so. You must show yourself as a confident and proficient candidate who knows what he is doing which means no profuse fretting, slurring or looking away. Instead, look confident, maintain eye contact and smile frequently. An honest smile shows that you’re relaxed and friendly. Friendly people have better people skills and are naturally easier to work with. It is also extremely important to build rapport with the recruiter. People often make buying decisions based on emotions, so it’s significant to build rapport. Greet them with a smile and a warm handshake and look positive throughout.

Ask the Right Questions:

Part of selling yourself also includes asking questions that reveal your interest in the role and the company. So research the website, media links of the company to know more about its history, vision, management, culture, industry reputation and financial performance. Also, learn about their competitors and trends that are affecting the industry. Armed with this deep knowledge, you will be better equipped to ask thoughtful, educated, questions that will reflect well on you and project you as a serious candidate.

Lay emphasis on leadership:

Companies need leaders at every level and not everyone can possess this quality. So you’ll most definitely stand out in the applicant pool if you persuade interviewers that you have great leadership abilities. Talk about teams you’ve led, projects you’ve managed to achieve the desired goals. Share how you have developed healthy relations with both colleagues and subordinates. Discuss how your leadership flair is significant to the required position.

Final Thoughts:

Remember-you know your strengths, make sure your interviewers see them too. Employers need to see the hunger in you get the job. Put yourself in their shoes, focus on their needs and become an irresistible candidate!

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