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Reinventing your career in 2015

career in 2015
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You require it at every stage of your life! Yes you do.

Reinvention is a topic which is constant with almost everyone. Some reinvent their physiques; some reinvent their relationships while some reinvent their careers. Changing careers is hard because it’s fundamentally an identity change. You work hard and obsess over your jobs and in the process you tend to confuse what you do with who you are.
Career reinvention needs to start with a psychological exercise: amputating yourself from your present or most recent professional titles, and making a truly new evaluation of how you should be spending 50 hours of every week for the rest of your life. Honestly you can’t transform your life or career by simply snapping your fingers, but you can start reflecting on what that real passion might be. And once you realize what you actually want, you can begin to connect the dots and find out how to get from here to there.

A clear picture of how you want to reinvent the next phase of your career will not come easily unless you make time to think about it. This time is what will let you to get in touch with your priorities and help you reach where you want to go next. So where do u begin? And more importantly how do you get into the right state of mind for your own career reinvention? Let’s take a look how.

Ask yourself what you want:

Reinvention happens only when you know what you want, and then take action to get it. With no end in mind, you wander purposelessly and end up wasting your time. You feel lost and like an abandoned leaf go wherever the wind takes you. All goals are reached in the mind first. So ask yourself some key questions: What kind of job do you want? Or what kind of company do you want to work with? Is making money more important or do you crave for job satisfaction? There will be no right or wrong answers to these questions but your answers will define what you want and what is in your heart. But don’t let previous choices or mistakes cloud your answers. Just listen to yourself and your responses will be simply perfect for you. Remember-It’s never too late.

Turn your weaknesses into strengths:

Often, running our life on auto-pilot, we forget what our real interests and passions are. In our careers, we start defining our sense of what our strengths and weaknesses are as early as the job interviews, when we’re asked the customary question, “What’s your biggest strengths and weakness?” We shape our answers around the opportunity, but then, unconsciously, carry it into the job and our individual self-awareness. So a part of career reinvention involves wiping the strength and weakness slate clean to reveal fresh and innovative career prospects. By learning to love things we hate! Opening your mind to ideas that you would typically resist is same as setting apart your weaknesses. It might reveal new career alternatives. The job market today is way different and is not designed for long-standing commitment. Gone are those days where you’d follow the same career for years and stay in the same industry forever. Taking a leap from your existing profession and diving into something totally new and wildly different… Well, it isn’t such a leap anymore.

Reaching your goal step by step:

One of the first things to do while trying to reinvent yourself is to acknowledge the short comings that you might have or develope the areas that require improvement. Think of the areas you need to improve and then take guidance from your mentors or reliable people who can give you fair advice. People who aren’t scared of telling you the truth, people who know you closely both on a personal and professional level. But for you to be successful in your reinvention you have to first be ready to take the advice, feedback and criticism you get, particularly if it’s a different viewpoint than your own. With this feedback in hand the final step is to break down your goals into small manageable bits instead of trying to do it all at once. Let’s say your aim is to learn new skills to move up the ladder in your current organization. Part of accomplishing that goal could mean taking classes to learn new skills or identifying mentors to help you evolve. Once you have the fundamentals in place you simply have to find ways to stay devoted to the reinvention. It’s truly about breaking it down into manageable actions and then deliberately making it part of your work life week after week.

Never distort the vision of your new career by broadening it to merely impress the bulk audience of your family and peers. Remember, reinvention is a journey. Some days you might have no idea who you are and on others, you would be indebted for the happenings in your life that made you the person you truly love. So get out there and compete passionately for the career you desire with all the gusto in the world.

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