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Reignite your passion at work.

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Once upon a time, you were brimming with ideas and energy and were eager to go above and beyond the call of duty. But as it’s evident, your job isn’t a one-way street to happily ever after!

As working professionals, there are times when you face frustrations, barriers and employee headaches at work. Times when you feel like your enthusiasm has dried up and you begin to contemplate how to get it back. What was once unique and new starts seeming regular and boring. Innovative philosophies and ideas, observed through the prism of experience, begin to resonate yesterday’s old initiatives. Industry fads come and go as swiftly as the buzzwords that seed them. And then comes a point when it seems you’ve done it all before, and feel little or zero excitement in doing it all again.

If you are feeling the absence of passion in your work, then it’s time to revisit the basics! Think of the times when you felt extremely passionate about your work and revisit what triggered the action back then.

Here are five tips to revive the passion and fall in love with your work all over again.


Re-evaluate your calling:

In order to rediscover your passion at work, you have to ask yourself some hard hitting questions? What all do you think is missing from your job? Are you looking for more challenges, more interactions, extra variety or maybe a better boss? Think of all that needs to change in your job to excite you more and stir up the long missing passion.

Defy the status quo:

The same routine everyday can get dull, monotonous and mind numbing. We often get into the everyday loop and rut without even realising when and how. We get busy managing tasks, responsibilities and calendars in a way that is of no use to us. Little do we realise that these practices and patterns are no more aligned to our existing career goals. So defy the status quo and break free of the rut. For starters, do things differently or learn something new. This will not just ignite your brain and engage your senses but will strongly reignite your passion at work. The amazing thing is that it doesn’t have to be something huge. It could be anything that which takes minutes to learn. For instance, learn to colour code emails by sender so that you can prioritize incoming messages more effectively. Learn anything new and watch your enthusiasm return.

Let go of few things.

We tend to hang on to a lot of things! Every professional does that who is convinced there are things only they can do: No one else has the experience, the skills to do it better.
That of course is not true! Your peers or subordinates can perform several tasks just as well, sometimes even better. So explain, delegate, train, follow up, and simply let go. Give yourself some breathing space by giving opportunities to others to grow.

Try redefining it to rekindle the lost passion

Don’t rely on things that inspired you earlier in your career to stimulate you now. You are a changed person compared to when you first started out. You have changed skill sets, perspectives and perhaps a changed value emphasis. So change your focus accordingly and let your passion follow you.
The absence of passion in your work is a clear indication that something is amiss and has to change. Confront what’s sourcing your lack of excitement and then salvage it. Choose not to tolerate a lukewarm and detached work life! It’s time to retrieve your passion, excitement and learn something new. Just go ahead, reignite your passion!

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