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Raising your happiness quotient at work

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Workplace happiness is hard to define! Work has forever been a reason of constant irritation and stress for many. Beautiful days seem gray, your coffee starts tasting bitter and the soothing voices of your colleagues do little to quell the looming twitch in your eye. You’re panicked, yet reconciled, as you take that last sighing breath before opening the door. You’re at work and you’re miserable! Well…There is nothing such as a dream job. The newness and excitement of that once-perfect opportunity tends to wear off after a year, as you become focused on the more important aspects of your tasks, co-workers and boss.

Companies often employ management consultants to discover ways to improve efficiency at work. They mainly focus on processes and procedures. But there is actually an even more potent ingredient for increasing the workplace productivity: And that is ‘Happiness’! It’s about loving what you do; feeling proud of your work; knowing that what you do is important and being acknowledged for it and being constantly energized. That’s because when employees are happy and motivated, the business benefits from higher efficiency, because happy people accomplish better results with higher quality, because happy people want to go to work and are less vulnerable to stress. And not shockingly, all of this leads to better deals and higher profits for the business.

Sounds like some kind of Nirvana, doesn’t it? After all, who doesn’t fancy being happy? But how can you be happy at work even in the face of adversities? And how can you not look at what’s wrong with your job and instead focus on what’s good about it?

Let’s look at few simple ways to make that happen:

Take control:

Negativity is an infectious misery that drains you of energy and saps your excitement. Understand that your happiness is your responsibility. And shifting negative thoughts to positive ones can actually perk up your mood and way of thinking. Start by making a list of all that’s great about your job, including the fact you have one. Don’t reflect on it. Just feel the gratitude, let it well up and spill over you. This will require constant practice but you can eventually get there. Now from here on, starts dealing with the problems you are facing. They will not only seem less dreadful but you’ll also able to resolve your sticky situations more easily.

Establish your goals:

Nothing is more infuriating than working arbitrarily without having a clear understanding of your career path and goals. Without knowing how your work impacts the bigger picture you might as well end up spending a lot of time on urgent but trivial issues rather than tasks that could certainly impact the bigger picture. So clarify in clear certain terms your vision and objectives and focus on whether you are headed to. It is amazing how much you can accomplish once you have perfected your precise goals and the level of contentment you will feel once you have reached your desired destination.

Challenge yourself:

Monotony is one of the biggest hurdles to career fulfillment. After a year or so, doing the same thing at work, you might get stuck in a rut. So to get back some of that “new job” enthusiasm challenge yourself and start doing things a bit differently. Make an effort to learn something new and volunteer for projects that’s outside your comfort zone. Push your limits and get your adrenaline pumping; it may open doors to some unexpected opportunities.

Strike that work life balance:

It is very easy to lose yourself to work and overlook what awaits you outside the work arena. Maintaining great work/life equilibrium is vital for both your enthusiasm level and general well-being. So take out time for things you love doing outside your work- whether it’s spending time with family or connecting with friends, or simple pleasures like exercising, shopping, reading or other activities and hobbies that channel your energy and creativity. Having something to look forward to after work will not only see you through moments of drudgery at work but will also keep your energy levels and enthusiasm pretty high.

Don’t seek constant stimulation:
We live in a world of endless stimulation. Sometimes, this creates monotony and restlessness when we run out of things to do. So if you seek happiness, try overcoming this addiction! Develop the capability to enjoy life in its totality – even when the stimulation stops. Appreciate the small things life has to offer and cherish moments you spend with your near and dear ones.

And while happiness alone might not increase work productivity, it’s a pretty solid start.

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