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What Not to Write in Your Resume

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Are you planning to apply for jobs in the Gulf Countries? Great idea! the Middle Eastern countries do pay well and the best part is a large percentage of the workforce comprises of expatriates.

But how does one apply? Updating a resume? Yes of course. But would the resume be of any difference? Definitely. What all you should you write in your resume? It has been discussed umpteen numbers of times; so this time let’s focus on what not to write on a resume.

Do away with an objective: Well, this might come as a surprise but these days, it is advisable that you better include a Professional Profile. These days’ employers are not much interested about an individual’s personal objective; rather they want you to focus on something that conveys a strong message about your professional prerogatives.

Do away with fluffy words: Most of us tend to use jargons in our resumes in order to impress employers. Understand that these do not really help in impressing the employers. Keep your message to the point and stick to facts. You can always demonstrate your accomplishments and achievements.

Do not include phrases like “References upon Request”: It is implicit that once you are applying for a job you will have references to cite. Once you are hired by any organization, you will require citing references; so it is advisable that you do so when asked rather than go about citing a long list of references.

Do not include several contact numbers: While it comes to citing contact numbers, always include only one number instead of jotting down several of them.

Keep it error free: It’s humane to make mistakes; but try and avoid committing an error as much as possible. After writing your resume, re-read it again and again in order to do away with any typos that come up. The more error free it is, the more chances you have of impressing your employer.

Avoid information that is discriminatory: Never include any kind of information that is discriminating against anyone. These include the use of information related to race or ethnicity, that is best avoided unless and until it is related to jobs like modelling or TV anchoring. Many a times, employers tend to avoid resumes that contain unnecessary details.

Include specific information about Scholastic Achievements: While developing on this section, always ensures that you are very specific about what you write about your educational qualifications.

Eliminate basic software skills: Each and every employer is expected to know the basics of computer programs. So never include skills like competent in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

Include relevant experiences: While applying for a job, always include experiences that are relevant. You may always do away with short-term experiences such as two-month stint or a three-month stint. Such short-term experiences might not leave behind a good impression on the part of the employer. So always include experiences that are relevant to your job.

A functional format: A functional format resume that lists abilities and skills without including a chronological job history, is not accepted by employers any longer. For most hiring managers, such resumes are an absolute no-no.

Salary: Never include your salary history in your resume. It may affect your negotiation with prospective employers at a later stage.

Finally, always keep your resume short, precise and to-the-point. Such an effort is always bound to impress employers. Accompanied by a winning cover letter, you are bound succeed in your endeavors.

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