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Is your resume keeping pace with the changing times?

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Not long ago, resumes were merely chronological fact sheets and jobseekers had a somewhat strictly defined rule about writing them. But those times are long gone! Not only has the job market changed radically over the last couple of years but the competition has also become rife.

A hiring manager’s first impression of you is most likely your resume. So you would ideally want to package it and hope that this cautiously crafted employment record catches the attention of those with the hiring power. However, capturing this much sought-after attention isn’t always easy! Employers are inundated with multiple resumes and making sure that yours makes the impact you seek requires much more than just a few tweaks.

So why not put in a bit more effort to spice up this humdrum document with a few creative changes:

Try some colour:

Add a subtle creativity to your resume by spicing it up with some colour. By this we mean not a riot of colours! You can create blocks of the selected colour on the sides of your resume to hold additional information, like your references. While some creative options might be too much for a conventional office job, this one is placid enough not to upset, regardless of how old-fashioned your reader might be.

Use the latest fonts:

A “font” is the shape and style of the words on your resume. The more “traditional” fonts are Times New Roman and nothing too fancy. So if your resume is in Times New Roman font like most, change it to Arial. You’ll be surprised at how much cleaner, contemporary and more professional it looks .

Add Infographics:

Infographics or Visual CVs are a growing trend these days. The paper resume certainly isn’t going anywhere, and the visual resume is not designed to substitute the conventional resume. Visual resume is basically a supplement to the conventional paper CV. It’s that ‘something extra’ that can give you a competitive edge over the others! It can represent your experience and information in a visual and creative way that makes it easier for the employers to review at a glance. It can also showcase a distinct flair and determination to your potential employers, something innovative that they might not have seen before. It can bring you and your skills to life!

Modify it frequently:

Do you read the last month’s news to get the recent information? No. Then why should anyone read your obsolete profile to discover what you’re doing right now? Not updating your resume frequently can communicate sluggishness if you’re seriously trying to use your profile to get jobs. Today, it’s very important that you send a distinct resume for every job you are applying for. So take a few moments to tailor your resume for the exact job posting. But remember – when you are updating your resume, do not warble a lot in the additions that you are making to your resume. Keep the information short and concise. If you want the job; spending 20 minutes updating your resume is well worth the time.

Make it exclusive:
Your resume mirrors the progression that you have covered in years as a professional. So if you think it should get the attention it deserves, make it unique! Think of ways through which you can make it stand out in the pile. Consider putting your resume on a DVD or a flash drive or better make an E- Resume. But just be wary of getting too imaginative if the industry you’re applying to doesn’t value too much creativity.

Whatever design or format you choose for your resume, remember to inject individuality while maintaining professionalism! Demonstrate your expertise in a significant way and last but not least, pique the interest of the recipients.

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