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The Job Interview

Winning Job Interview Skills

Doing well at a job interview is not as difficult as it seems. Most of the times, you just have to play your cards right. You do not have to speak or write too much during an [...]

Understanding Non-Verbal Communication

“I don’t know what happened! Everything went so well!” Many an annoyed job seeker has said this at some point. It starts like this. The candidate appears for what they [...]

Tips to Ace the Phone Interview

Since time immemorial, the telephonic interview has been like a prelude that allows the employer a tête-à-tête with the candidate for scheduling the face-to-face [...]

Job Interview Q and A

1. Tell me about yourself. Keep your answer short and focused on your professional life and professional goals and aspirations. This is not an invitation to dwell on personal [...]

Salary Negotiations: the Basics

Negotiate Yes, do negotiate. Employers actually EXPECT you to negotiate your package even when they pretend they don’t so don’t deprive them, or yourself, of that [...]
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