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8 Tips to Get Job Easily in Dubai

Good news for all those who are looking to get jobs in Dubai is that according to a latest survey 83% of companies in United Arab Emirates are planning to recruit in 2013. [...]

How to nail video Interviews!

In today’s time, the new technology of video conferencing has taken the recruitment world by storm! When it comes to hiring, an increasing number of companies are embracing [...]

Workplace Issues for Freshers

Joining office is a major step in the lives of freshly graduated students. The initial days of work are full of stress and anxiety. There is uncertainty and lack of [...]

Difficult Co-Worker? Deal with it

We are surrounded by diverse types of people in all facets of our lives, the workplace is naturally no exception. Some co-workers can be agreeable, cooperative and responsive [...]

How to monetize your brilliance

A typical scenario that existed over 15-20 years ago:   Parents push you to fill out college applications, obtain a degree in accounting, graduate college and then land [...]

Visa Requirements in UAE

Visa Requirements Please check with the nearest UAE embassy for the latest information or contact the Dubai Naturalisation & Residency administration department. DNRD [...]

Get Settled in the UAE

Settling in a new country can be difficult task with a lot of confusions that occupy the mind of an expat. Here is the complete guide for an expatriate who wants to settle in [...]
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