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Appraisals and Promotions

Surviving Performance Appraisals

Love them or Hate them but you just can’t escape them! Appraisals are a dreaded reality in the life of every professional! Most people in fact have mixed feelings about [...]

Dealing with Performance Appraisals

It is an age-old question – how to deal with appraisals at the workplace? Most employees grapple with this thought as they fill up their long assessment forms. In fact most [...]

Dealing With A Bad Appraisal

It’s that time of the year again when you would have received the much awaited appraisal letter…. For some, it would be a sheer delight but for some a heartbreak! So, [...]

Looking for a Promotion?

A promotion never falls into your lap! The biggest delusion about promotions is that they naturally happen with time. And it’s not adequate to think that you are actually [...]