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For most of us, a job interview is the gateway to a better career and a brighter future. Unfortunately, many of us do not take the required steps to strike the right chord at the time of interview.

A good interviewer is not looking to test your knowledge; he is keen on understanding your personality. While the way you speak conveys a lot about you, your body language also provides a lot of cues to the interviewer. Most of us make an effort to do our homework before an interview, but very few of us understand the implications of nonverbal communication and the silent role it plays.

It is, hence, essential to exhibit positive body language to leave a lasting impression on your interviewer. An experienced interviewer will be able to correlate what you say and what your body is saying.

Cues start right from the moment you walk into the room. While it is important to be confident, it is equally important to come across as a dependable and trustworthy person. That happens only with eye contact. Your handshake might be strong but if you are unable to maintain eye contact, it implies you have something to hide.

It is advisable not to take a seat until you are offered one. Sit up straight. While leaning backwards indicates arrogance, leaning forward can be seen as aggression. Leave your head straight and slightly tilted when the interviewer is talking as it will be interpreted that you are ready to listen.

The way you use your hands convey a lot. It is not advisable to cross your arms since it might convey close-mindedness. It is better to keep your hands relaxed on your lap. Tapping your fingers away can convey nervousness or impatience.

Do not cover your mouth while talking as it may imply you are not telling the truth. Finally, when the interview is over, walk out of the room in a confident manner to leave a good, lasting impression.

Handy Job Interview Tips
• Body language signals are important in job interviews
• Maintaining eye contact means you are a trustworthy person
• Leave your head slightly tilted to indicate you’re ready to listen
• When the interview is over, leave the room with confidenceBODY LANGUAGE FOR SUCCESSFUL INTERVIEWS, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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