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How To Become An Effective Team Player

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Deep down inside we all know we can’t do it alone! Part of being successful at work is having the ability to be an integral part of a team and work well with your co-workers. That’s because unified teams accomplish more and generate better results. They realize the significance of achieving team goals and working together to get there! Every member of the team recognises the role played by their co-workers and this fosters strong relationships and productive work within the organisation.

Almost all employers these days look for “good team players’’. This means somebody, who can work well both independently and with a team to contribute productively to the bottom line of an organisation. Somebody who has the ability to blend their own working style with the others and work towards a common goal! But what defines such people? And what exactly are the key characteristics of a good team player??

So here are few pointers on how to become an effective team player and make a bigger contribution.

Set Examples

Instead of distressing about the lack of commitment, performance or efficiency of others you should simply set an example and show your team members what passion, hard work and commitment is all about. Focus on being your best each day! When you do this you’ll not only raise the bar but also improve the performance of everyone around you.

Exude reliability

Part of being an excellent team player is being dependable and someone that others can rely on. So, be punctual to work and try and meet your deadlines constantly. Your reliable and unvarying performances will surely earn you good will and camaraderie from your teammates.

Be Cooperative

Good team players are expert at working with others in a collaborative, cohesive manner with the purpose of attaining a common objective. They pitch in where necessary, respond to requests from others for help, chip in their own viewpoints and ideas, make an attempt to understand the contradictory viewpoints and try to lift the morale and spirit of the team. They consistently work towards tapping into the synergies that end in better results.

Align yourself with your teammates

Make an effort to know your team members better. You should know the origin of their enthusiasm and what they bring to the table. You should also try and pitch in for the smaller stuffs. If you’re known as the person who always leaves the photocopier empty of paper or doesn’t participate keenly in the activities of the team, co-workers are less likely to consider you as a part of the group. If they can’t depend on you for these small office tasks, they will hesitate relying on you for the bigger assignments and deadlines as well.

Become a Problem Solver
Almost all teams deal with problems! When you work with people, conflicts do happen. Being able to tackle emotions and issues related to them in a productive way is a key skill required to be a good team player. Because if managed badly, conflicts can stymie creativity, hinder teamwork and also stop the team from meeting its goals or deadlines. The sign of a good team member in moments like these is the willingness to deal with the situation in a solution-oriented manner. They never rehash a problem or look for others to lay the blame on. They get problems out in the open for discussions and then collaborate with everyone to form action plans.

Show Versatility
If you’re capable of adapting and rolling with the punches, you are more likely to be valued as a great team member. Conflicts and problems always occur but a great team player has the ability to manoeuvre around these hurdles with ease. If you can step in and effortlessly handle things which are beyond your usual responsibilities, you are sure to get brownie points in the team player department.

They say team work makes the dream work! You may operate efficiently as an individual but it’s completely different when you are a part of a team. So think of the bigger picture, make your team look good and work towards a common goal!

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