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Top 5 job interview tips

If you’re counting down the days till your next job interview, these helpful hints will help you get in the right mood so you can leave a lasting impression on the [...]

Guide to Executive Jobs in Dubai

Why Does Dubai Crave Managers, Executives and Specialists? Despite of all the stride that Dubai has made in a very short period of time, Dubai is still considered to be a [...]

Dubai Resume Writing Tips

Regardless of the technical meaning of either CV or resume, for Dubai employment purposes, they are the same thing. Since the word CV is more commonly used in Dubai, we’re [...]

The Recruitment Process in Dubai

  How Do Companies in Dubai Go About Recruiting Employees From Within and Outside of Dubai The answer to this question depends on the rank of the position you’re [...]

Surviving a layoff

Tough people last, tough times don’t, right? You’ve lost your job, but it’s not the end of your world or career! In today’s economy, more employees than ever are [...]
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