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Answering the interview question: Why should we hire you?

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You’ve spent hours perfecting your resume which makes others’ look pale in comparison and your cover letter has the perfect blend of self-expression and professionalism. The next thing you know, you are waiting in the lobby for your much- anticipated interview. You feel ready, confident and excited to put your best foot forward until the interviewer asks what seems like a harmlessly simple question: “Why should we hire you?” Your palms begin to twitch, your heart beat increases and all you manage to do is fumble and say a long line of “errr, and uhhhhh.”

Relax… This is just an aggressive smokescreen used to measure a few things. Mainly, the recruiter wants to put you out of your comfort zone, dare you on the spot and appraise your self-assessment. Are you going to fold under the stress or grab the opportunity? Lastly, recruiters also want to discover any particular limitation that you might want to confess.

The “Why should we hire you” interview question in reality offers you a brilliant opportunity to impress your recruiters and demonstrate your knowledge and passion for the organization you’re interviewing for. You need to show that you are a great fit and that your strengths and skills are completely in tune with the company. Your aim is to become their perfect candidate!

Since you will most definitely be asked this question, it’s best to be all geared up. Let’s see how to go about it:

Create your personal pitch:

Make sure you know precisely why you think you are perfect for the job. Prepare a short narrative that feels natural and effortless and is not a flat recital from memory. Tailor it to the exact role and company in question. It goes without saying you’ll have to to know the role and the company inside out. When employers ask you this question, they are giving you an opportunity to initiate a sales pitch about why they should hire you, so don’t let down them.  Show them what a great fit you are for the role. The better prepared you are, the more impressive and eloquent you’ll be and put across your points well.

Sell yourself well:

Often, this is the last question you are asked in an interview. So essentially this is your last opportunity to reinstate the skills you have that are most relevant to the job you are applying for. So choose points that make the strongest argument for you! Here’s the prospect to actually sell yourself. You have to succinctly and briefly lay out your qualifications and strengths that you can bring to the table. But be wary not to answer too broadly. Almost everyone says they are motivated and diligent. Distinguish yourself by talking about qualities that are exclusive to you. This is your opportunity to wow them with your highlights reel. Why not cite a few strong reasons with impressive descriptions than simply rattle off a laundry list of multiple strengths without perspective? Your answer should recap the top 3 or 4 best reasons to hire you which could include a blend of the following:

* Industry experience

* Key accomplishments

* Technical skills


* Education/training

* Soft skills

Success stories and accomplishments are always great bets, particularly if you can illustrate how a key achievement demonstrates a desired competency. A sincere answer should tell about how your mix of skills solves the exact needs of the organization and your enthusiasm for the job. You can talk about your expertise, your skills, your past accomplishments and how you have successfully managed to put all these together to fulfil your job’s requirements and meet the challenges on the way.

Know what the Company Wants:

While the focus of “Why should we hire you?” is on “you,” it’s significant to keep in mind that the answer isn’t all about you. The most successful responses focus on the needs of the employers and framing answers which reveal that you comprehend their problems or “pain points,” makes a huge difference. It’s usually not very hard to discover what employers are looking for; their detailed job descriptions don’t leave much to imagination. A lot of companies also post videos on Facebook or feeds on Twitter, promoting their company and its culture and why anybody would love to work there. Skip these at your own peril — they tell you precisely things you should know to emerge as a strong contender.

End in style:

One of the most significant ways to answer this question is to astonish them with your final summary. This is not just the opportunity to repeat your résumé but a perfect chance to distinguish yourself apart from the others. Knock them dead any way you can!

Answering the question “Why should we hire you?” is by no means easy. It requires you to be modest yet certain, crisp yet polished—while making sure not to sound arrogant or too full of yourself. It’s significant to strike that perfect balance between being confident and being an egoist. However, this question is fundamentally forcing you to explain “why me,” so don’t be hesitant to show off a bit!


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