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5 Things you must do before applying for a Job

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Your experience and skills definitely lend themselves to certain kinds of jobs, but they aren’t the only aspects you ought to consider while applying for a new job. Your contentment in a new role goes beyond being only able to make use of your skills every day — you also have to consider what the new company is going to be like, who you’ll be working with and if you’ll be satisfied in the job, should you get it.

When you begin your job search, it can be quite tempting to blast out resumes immediately and hit “apply” to a bunch of job listings, but you might end up ignoring the key element of your job search—preparation! Creating a checklist of some ‘must do’s’ before you begin sending out applications can help you gear up for victory. That’s precisely why we’ve put together some key things to contemplate about and execute at the very onset of your job search to ensure that it ends with an offer in hand.

So before you start sending out your resume to everyone, you might want to do these things:

Do some soul searching for clarity:

Mull over your present or previous jobs. The pay check aside, what did you or do you really love about them? Do you like working with people or by yourself? Do you prefer tasks on the go or do you like the luxury of having time to analyze things and create responsibilities for yourself? The majority of us presume that the perfect means to find a job is to look at listings that are available online or follow people’s advice. But, these techniques often lead to unsatisfactory career choices. So, the question is how can you find career satisfaction and fulfilment while still ensuring a great livelihood? The answer is simple-By discovering your core intelligence; the special contributions each of us bring to our professional lives. It’s what we do that only we can do best! It’s the exclusive package of experiences, skills, interests, passions, attitude and abilities that only you have. By contemplating on these fundamentals, you can prioritize what’s most significant to you and formulate professional possibilities that match best with these elements.

Work on your online reputation:

Google yourself to check what comes up and how much of your online profile is public. Update your profile and change your profile picture to something more professional. Go through it minutely and alter the narrative to focus more on accomplishments. Also, ensure that your personal life is not in focus. A lot of people have personal profiles or blogs. It’s better to use avatars for them in order to refrain you name from being linked with your professional work. However, if you do use an online handle, ensure to detach it with anything you don’t want prospective employers to see. Choose unrelated, anonymous, handles for things you don’t want your employers to see. We’re all famous in our own special ways and the sooner we begin to manage our public personas, the better off we can be. If you deduce, think of it as “personal branding.” The better your online visibility, the better your reputation and the bigger the probability that you’ll have a response to your resume the next time you submit it to a right opportunity.

Skill up:

Think of the job you fancy and look at the skills required. Even though your qualification and experience might make you qualified to apply for a job, to excel in the role you will have to display a blend of skills. This means the professional and technical expertise related to different roles apart from the basic ‘soft skills’ that can be passed on between different sectors and jobs. For employers, hiring the right candidates mean classifying people with the exact skills required to meet the demands of the role.

Prepare individually for every job you apply for:

Before you aimlessly start applying to jobs it is extremely critical that you realize that every job is different and often looks for different competencies and strengths in every application. Which is why researching companies you apply for becomes extremely significant. Every company will want you to exhibit specific skills to the roles they are offering. So you need to firstly decide which role is perfect for you and the best way to do that is research company profiles to see what each one offers and what their unique selling points are. This can help you to make a well informed choice! Post that you can prepare for questions that are likely to be asked if you score an interview.

Tailor your resume for every position:

Sending out a generic resume for every job posting is a big no-no! It shows you don’t actually comprehend what the employer is looking for and are simple hoping your resume hits the bulls eye and matches some of the criteria. So carefully go through the job description, education and qualifications requirement. Demonstrate through your resume how you aptly fit into those through your existing experience and expertise.

Work plays a colossal part in all of our lives so the decision to apply or move to a new job should not be taken hastily. It never seizes to amaze us how people choose to apply to jobs on a whim when it should be a well thought out process. Following these tips will not only help you prep up better for applying to jobs in the right fashion but also give you an edge over the other contenders.5 Things you must do before applying for a Job, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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